Gravida Project

Research & Development: Pregnancy and Maternity in performing arts

Multimedia Dance Experience
The Republic of the Imagination team:
Artistic Director: Aleksandra Jones
Dramaturg: Jelena Vuksanovic
Filmmaker: Carys Lewis
Photography: Vaida Barzdaite
Music/sound: Siôn Orgon
Producer: Claire Bottomley
Performers: Aleksandra Jones, Lara Ward, Deborah Light, Jessie Brett, Carrie Westwater, Mary- Anne Roberts
More of our Gravida Project team: Ellora Adam, Jo Langhelt, Nevenka Abril, Jessica Hearne, Shauna Conant, Slavica Tucakov.
Supported by Arts Council of Wales National Lottery Funding, with in-kind support from Chapter Arts Centre.
In memory of Francis Medley.

Gravidas in the Forest