Meet me

Jelena Vuksanovic aka Andromeda

has worked as a writer, theatre practitioner and facilitator, artistic director, and screenwriter. She has an MA in dramaturgy, and with a classical education, she was always drawn to knowledge and practice about contemporary and experimental theatre, therefore she participated in various trainings, workshops and other activities of non-formal education connected with contemporary and applied educational theatre techniques. She has worked with POD Theatre for over 13 years and worked on various International projects that were supported by Youth in Action, UNICEF, Share See, Red Cross, local municipalities, ministries, embassies etc. 

Since 2004. until 2018. Collaborated with The Republic of the Imagination, UK, developing innovative theatre forms and ways of expression, specifically the form of immersive theatre like Sensory Labyrinth and Sensory Portal. Besides numerous theatre performances, educational projects, in 2015. Her debut movie «Panama” premiered during the Cannes film festival. In 2018. she had a premiere of her first contemporary opera “In… Se… -dawning-” in Bali, composed by Andys Skordis. Currently in the same team is working on the second opera, “Light Blue Day”, a contemporary, experimental opera based on the story by Ferdinand von Schirach, as part of the Berlin Opernpreis, which was premiered in Berlin in June 2022. and has won the first prize.