The Light Blue Day

Contemporary Opera

The winning opera of the Berlin Opernpreis, premiered in June 2022.

Contemporary Opera

The winning opera of the Berlin Opernpreis, premiered in June 2022.

 “Light Blue Day” is contemporary opera using the cross disciplined approach with the emphasis on the experience of the audience. The libretto of the opera, written by Jelena Vuksanovic  is based on the short story by German writer Ferdinand von Schirach “Ein Hellblauer Tag”. The music for the opera was composed by Andys Skordis, and directed by Miriam Goetz. The piece premiered in June 2022. in Berlin for the occasion of the competition Berlin Opernpreis and it has won the first prize.

The libretto was written in a very minimalistic manner, raising the question of justice, justice system, and feeling of rightness. The tagline of the whole piece was “Guilty for being alive”, portraying the limbo of existence in which feeling of responsibility for unfortunes and injustice is stronger than any reasoning. Our artistic approach was to explore the Woman, and her own inner journey, depicting more her psychological and metaphysical world, rather than realism. She is left alone to deal with her own inner darkness, with no support, just condemnation for being on a trial for killing her child. We have incorporated two figures of Erinies, the Goddesses of guilt from the Greek mythology, as it was important for us to materialize this inner torture and guilt through characters. The language of the opera is sharp, precise, and in a sense reduced, followed by the force of the music and scenic changes depicting the inner process, intensities and intimate development of the characters. 

Ensemble A Light Blue Day/Ein hellblauer Tag: Derya Atakan, Merlind Constanze Pohl, Enrico Wenzel | Komposition: Andys Skordis | Text / Visuals: Jelena Vuksanovic | Bühne: Irena Kukric | Kostüm: Magdalena Klasnja | Video: Julian-Anthony Hespenheide | Regie: Miriam Götz