ЯTUCORA (Jatukora) is a piece inspired by Temporary Slovene Dance Archive – a massive collection of dance documents such as festival catalogs, a register of Slovene dancers and choreographers, photographs, footage of performances, documentary films etc – founded by Rok Vevar in 2012.

In January 2020 we: Marko Milic and Jelena Vuksanovic had a chance to explore Temporary Slovenian Dance Archive at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ljubljana within JSKD residency. Archive for us represented a clear political act that shows the effect of personal commitment on the art policies. The main focus for us in creating ЯTUCORA was: How to apply the Temporary Archive to the body of the spectator? 

We named the action ЯTUCORA, an invented title inspired by the word CURATOR, giving it an inward twist and Slavic connotation, alluding at the peeling of layers, or going under the surface of the rind.

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