Jelena Vuksanovic Andromeda has worked as a writer, theatre practitioner, and art manager.
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Idea- Maker

Do you need to move from ground zero, miss some sparkle, or do you need an artistic idea?

Gods Among Us

Contemporary opera project devised with composer Andys Skordis.

Gravida film

Women in Law is concept devised by Aleksandra Jones, and the film Gravida is part of this work.

Jelena Vuksanovic - Andromeda

has worked as a writer, theater practitioner, art manager, screenwriter.

Her first film, “Panama”, that she worked on as a co-screenwriter, premiered on the Cannes Film Festival in 2015. Her latest productions were writing the libretto for the opera "Light Blue Day", composed by Andys Skordis as one of the finalists for Berlin Opernpreis. “In...Se.. dawning” - ritual opera which premiered in Bali and working as a dramaturg on the “Gravida” dance project exploring pregnancy and motherhood. She is in the process of writing her first novel, a venture that started 21 years ago. I'm obsessed with researching the presence in the performing arts. How does creativity transforms and develops the experience of life? The fluidity of the movement, the meditation, the reflection, the sound, the people, the interactions, sharing. Researching the "invisibilities" and incorporating them into art forms. I am creating experiences through different art forms.


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Dancing for the Gods

Gravida R&D

In… Se… -dawning-


In... Se... - dawning-

Music Theatre performance with gamelan, human - puppet shadow theatre, and voices

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‘We do things for the first time’ – Festival Die Irritierte StadtMarko Milic, Janneke van der Putten, Jelena Vuksanovic and Luke Wilkins, artists from the fields of writing, performance and sound research, are inspired by the »innocence of the beginner«.


ЯTUCORA (Jatukora) is a piece inspired by Temporary Slovene Dance Archive.

⚡️ BALANS ⚡️

Energy. Flexibility. Strength. Balance. Joy.


BINEMA is an ART INTELLIGENCE created by Marko Milic.

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