⚡️ BALANS ⚡️

I believe that the human body is meant for movement.

Every person has their own movement/authentic color of movement, time, rhythm, dynamic, movements in relation to ourselves, the others, our future, and our past. How to awake your own movements?” – Aleksandra Nikolajev Jones

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I know Aleksandra forever and we did so many things together in Life, going to the trainings, facilitating, creating movies, performances. While I was in quarantine in March, somehow we came to an idea to do Balans classes online. And we started exercising every day. We also started inviting other friends gradually, and suddenly we were like maniacs showing up every day at 11 am and doing things together. For me personally, this physical activity made me saner while being in quarantine for 28 days. And later on we just decided to continue doing the Balans. It’s really so much fun. And the body becomes flexible, shaped, energetic, full of life, joyful, and super spacy. If you feel attracted in any way, go to www.balansclass.com and have a first class for free to see how this energy suits you.


And if you’re up for something else, there are Ballet for adults classes. Jump in ⭐️